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Performing Arts venues are investing in cloud-based technology from Priava to boost revenues from events

Sydney, 10th August 2016 – Priava, the leading cloud-based venue management software company, has announced that a growing number of performing arts venues are selecting its hosted technology to maximise efficiencies and profits from the booking and delivery of events.

media-venuesIn the last six months Priava has been successfully implemented at The Marriner Theatre Group, Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre and Gasworks Arts Park (Gasworks Theatre), with The Spa at Bridlington and The Regent Theatre due to go live in August 2016.

CEO at Priava, James Pegum commented, “We are excited to welcome on board some of World’s most prestigious theatres and entertainment venues demonstrating that we are fast becoming the de-facto provider of venue management technology to the sector. With our experience of working with clients within the performing arts sector, we understand that there is a lot more that goes into managing these unique spaces than just coordinating live performances.”

He continued, “From managing rehearsal room bookings, to transforming auditoriums into conference venues and hosting cocktail parties in theatre foyers, there are so many ways to increase venue occupancy and maximise revenue, and our cloud-based solution has been designed to accommodate these diverse requirements with specific modules to make the entire process of managing events
and venue bookings more streamlined.”

performing-arts-venuesPriava recognises that operators of Performing Arts venues have some special challenges such as coordinating rehearsal room bookings, managing live events, scheduling internal meetings and integrating all of these activities with external functions. These venues also need to integrate their booking solution into their ticketing and accounting systems.

How Priava works for performing arts venues

The Priava cloud-based venue management solution uses powerful, intuitive web-based tools that enable event and venue booking enquiries to be processed quickly and efficiently. The process is intuitive, from recording the initial enquiry, to producing a quotation, through to managing the booking. Additional functionality includes the production of detailed, concise reports on the charges associated with each live performance such as labour, audio-visual equipment & lighting as well as venue charges.

Efficient management for multi-site entertainment venues

For venues like Marriner Theatre Group that manage multiple sites, the Priava solution enables event organisers to centralise bookings and facilitate the management of various spaces at different locations.

Key benefits that Priava delivers to performing arts venues include:

      • Multitasking through access to multiple screens simultaneously;
      • Combine event packages with tickets to performances and ensure that the revenue is allocated to the correct departments and suppliers;
      • Real-time availability allows venues to maximise event bookings outside of performance times;
      • Efficient reporting tools allows event managers to produce quotations, invoices, contracts, financial exports and detailed venue occupancy and sales figures;
      • A centralised solution means that team members can access up-to-date information whenever and wherever they are.

In addition to the above the following Performing Arts organisations are also relying on Priava:

About Priava’s Technology

Priava is a cloud-based and centralised event management & booking system aimed at venues of all sizes – from meeting rooms through to large stadia. With its familiar and easy-to-use web interface, the software requires minimal training, yet its powerful functionality provides all the complexities involved with multi-venue availability, including event logistics, CRM, sales & marketing, catering, business intelligence, equipment and resource requirements. Unlike other systems, all Priava customers are always on the same version of the software, so venues can always access the latest features and enjoy the benefits of being part of a global community of users.

Offered in the cloud as a service, Priava enables venue managers to arrange and plan future venue availability and review both customer history and ongoing operational trends in real time. The results are to boost the customer experience whilst maximising the venue’s overall efficiency, number of bookings and revenues.

Key modules that form part of Priava’s software include; an easy-to-use CRM system that allows users to add & edit contact, organisation and opportunity records with ease, Events & Bookings which combines the ability to access a sophisticated venue chart together with the ability to find, add & edit event bookings, Online Calendar & Enquiries which has been developed to boost efficiency for organisations that manage venues that need to be booked on a self-service basis such as internal meeting rooms or external facilities that are in high demand (e.g. sporting facilities, community halls etc.) Catering & Inventory allow users to attach food, beverages, resources and equipment to quotes and event bookings with advanced reporting on profits and losses as well as the ability to link to accounting packages, Advanced Permissions which enables administrators to control the information that users have access to, and Priava’s REST API which allows Priava to sync information with 3rd party systems.

Cloud software is being rapidly adopted by the venue and event management industry who demand fast, reliable and secure access to key information, at any time and from anywhere.

With minimal training, the Priava cloud platform enables venue managers to work on multiple events at the same time, rapidly locate any event, contact or account record, manage calendars, and review confirmed events. Using the standards-based REST API, Priava’s system can also be easily and quickly integrated with other complementary third party systems such as accounts or marketing.

About Priava

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Priava is the World’s leading cloud-based venue management software company that specialises in delivering venue and event management solutions using the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business model to a wide portfolio of niche markets in the venue and events sector. With additional presence in London, New York and New Zealand, the company supports a diverse range of venues across the globe from single venues through to 100+ multi-site operations.