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Priava offers free venue and event management software for educational institutions in Australia, New Zealand, UK & USA


Sydney, 7th September 2016 – Priava, the leading cloud-based venue and events management software company, has announced today that it is offering its technology to educational establishments free of charge, to support the development and training of events professionals.

priava-training-offerCEO at Priava, James Pegum commented, “At Priava we believe in empowering the future generation of event professionals with the skills and tools that they need to be able to master the art of running a successful event and begin their careers with the experience that they need to hit the ground running. That’s why we are offering our cloud-based software as a free training tool for educational institutions that offer courses that focus on event and venue management.”

Marianne Fidel, Marketing & Student Relationships Manager at Kenvale College of Hospitality, Cooking and Events, one of the first colleges to take up the offer, commented, “By offering the most up-to-date event management system free of charge is an invaluable service as it will enable students to learn how technology in a ‘real world’ events company operates. At the same time it will provide them with the ‘state of the art’ skills the industry needs for its new recruits.”

Marianne continues, “We think this is important because event managers have a stressful job trying to record and manage so much detail about so many events. Providing students with a system like Priava that is easy to use and covers all aspects required for many different types of events can overcome these issues, enabling students to focus on delivering first class events. All event information can be kept up-to-date, in one place for easy access by all relevant staff which offers a more professional and efficient system for the Priava user and the client. Any system that makes an event organiser’s job that much better has to be worth it! This represents a huge benefit not only to the students but to the industry as a whole.”
According to Marianne many students are already working in the industry in some capacity so it also gives them the opportunity to compare Priava to whatever system they currently use in their work situation.

priava-education-offerBrigid Treloar, Kenvale College Events Lecturer added, “From what I have seen and used of Priava, I find the software intuitive, which makes it easy to use. I realise I am not utilising Priava to its full advantage but hope this will come with more practice. I use Priava at work at Zest Waterfront Venues (www.zest.net.au) so might be a little biased!”

Benefits to educational institutions

Educational institutions who take up the offer will has access to the following benefits:

  • Full access to Priava – All schools will be offered unrestricted access to the suite of software for the purpose of training students throughout the school calendar.
  • 5 user licenses – User licenses can be shared by students so that they can all learn how to use the software and get first-hand experience.
  • Free eBook – Electronic copy of Priava’s eBook titled “How venues can management events more effectively” for all students.
  • On-going support – Any support requests can be logged via email and must be sent by a system administrator (max. 2hrs support per month).

Co-investment in training

To make sure students can experience all of the benefits that Priava has to offer, each educational institution wanting to take advantage of this offer will be required to a co-invest in a training package. What this means is that educational institution wanting to take part pays 50% of the cost of training and Priava will invest the remaining 50%. Download the eBrochure below for further details about this offer.

Download eBrochure


About Priava Technology

Priava is a cloud-based and centralised educational event management & booking system aimed at venues of all sizes – from meeting rooms through to large stadia.  With its familiar and easy-to-use web interface, the software requires minimal training, yet its powerful functionality provides all the complexities involved with multi-venue availability, including event logistics, CRM, sales & marketing, catering, business intelligence, equipment and resource requirements. Unlike other systems, all Priava customers are always on the same version of the software, so venues can always access the latest features and enjoy the benefits of being part of a global community of users.

priava-featuresOffered in the cloud as a service, Priava enables venue managers to arrange and plan future venue availability and review both customer history and ongoing operational trends in real time. The results are to boost the customer experience whilst maximising the venue’s overall efficiency, number of bookings and revenues.

Key modules that form part of Priava’s software include; an easy-to-use CRM system that allows users to add & edit contact, organisation and opportunity records with ease, Events & Bookings which combines the ability to access a sophisticated venue chart together with the ability to find, add & edit event bookings, Online Calendar & Enquiries which has been developed to boost efficiency for organisations that manage venues that need to be booked on a self-service basis such as internal meeting rooms or external facilities that are in high demand (e.g. sporting facilities, community halls etc.) Catering & Inventory allow users to attach food, beverages, resources and equipment to quotes and event bookings with advanced reporting on profits and losses as well as the ability to link to accounting packages, Advanced Permissions which enables administrators to control the information that users have access to, and Priava’s REST API which allows Priava to sync information with 3rd party systems.

Cloud software is being rapidly adopted by the educational event management industry who demand fast, reliable and secure access to key information, at any time and from anywhere.

With minimal training, the Priava cloud platform enables venue managers to work on multiple events at the same time, rapidly locate any event, contact or account record, manage calendars, and review confirmed events. Using the standards-based REST API, Priava’s system can also be easily and quickly integrated with other complementary third party systems such as accounts or marketing.

About Priava

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Priava is the World’s leading cloud-based venue management software company that specialises in delivering venue and event management solutions using the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business model to a wide portfolio of niche markets in the venue and events sector. With additional presence in London, New York and New Zealand, the company supports a diverse range of venues across the globe from single venues through to 100+ multi-site operations.