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Waverley Council

Priava Leads Waverley Council Venues into The Cloud



9th July, 2014 – Priava, the leading cloud-based venue management software company, has today announced that Waverley Council has upgraded to Priava Cloud, delivering a venue and event management solution that will increase efficiency, productivity and improve its customer experience.

Priava’s new purpose built enterprise and event management booking system incorporates all the complexities involved with multi-venue availability. The solution, offered in the cloud as a service, will enable venue management teams to efficiently handle enquiries, identify available space for upcoming functions and events, research customer history and monitor ongoing operations, all in real-time and from any location.

Bondi PavillionWaverley Council is located in the inner eastern suburbs of Sydney and services 11 suburbs, from North Bondi to Bronte, and includes some of Sydney’s most famous beaches, Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte, along with over 30 parks and reserves and eight unique and historic buildings, all of which can be hired by the community for events and activities.

Andrew Best, Facility Co-ordinator, Waverley Council, said, “We will use Priava across the five administration departments who have responsibility for booking all venue facilities available in Waverley. We have some of the most popular and busiest venues in Sydney and venue hire continues to grow as we redevelop existing venues and build new ones. The ‘Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre’, which I manage, located in Waverley Park is a good example. The new centre was built in 2012 and provides Waverley with a sports and recreation hub which includes a grandstand, indoor sports court, club rooms, community rooms and a cafe which are all available for booking by the community.”

Best continued, “The deployment of Priava will enable us to utilise all our spaces and commercial facilities, cost effectively and efficiently. For the first time, staff in all five administration departments following up a customer enquiry, will be able to check the hire status of all available venues in Waverley, and will be able to cross-sell venues which should lead to increased bookings and revenue for the Council. This business intelligence will in turn enable Council to identify booking trends, allowing us to put strategies in place that deliver the most efficient returns on occupancy and revenue.”

"The deployment of Priava will enable us to utilise all our spaces and commercial facilities, cost effectively and efficiently. For the first time, staff in all five administration departments following up a customer enquiry, will be able to check the hire status of all available venues in Waverley, and will be able to cross-sell venues which should lead to increased bookings and revenue for the Council. "

Waverley Council

Andrew Best

Facility Co-ordinator

Waverley Council


Waverley’s unique and historic venues for hire include the iconic and historical Bondi Pavilion which is situated right on Bondi beach. Over the years it has become the cultural hub of Bondi, with a theatre, gallery, music studios, art and pottery studios, a screening room and halls, all available for hire for regular classes, workshops, festivals, events and functions. Two new venues will also become available for hire in July 2014, the Hugh Banford Reserve Hall and the Waverley Park Amenity Building.

Others venues include:

Best concluded, “The implementation of Priava will have a significant impact on customer service as any Facility Manager will now be able to provide an instant response or offer an alternative venue or date to a customer. We will be able to provide a level of service and consistency to our customers that we have not been able to offer in the past. We are also planning to review other parts of our business to identify where the implementation of Priava will provide us with the same customer and commercial benefits.”

Cloud software has become a critical component of the venue and event management industry as venue managers want to know they can access reliable and secure information quickly, at any time and from anywhere. Priava streamlines customer management information and enables managers to work on multiple events at the same time, enabling them to rapidly locate any event, contact or account record, manage the calendar, and review confirmed events.

James Pegum, CEO, Priava, said, “We are thrilled to be working with Waverley Council to extend and improve its services to the local community. We also look forward to assisting it in developing business strategies that integrate the Priava cloud platform across other areas of its business to maximise revenues, achieve long term productivity gains and improve cost efficiencies.”


The benefits that Priava can deliver to councils include

  • Multi-task, working on multiple events, contacts and reports at once
  • Simple and easy reporting across the entire venue operation
  • Easy to use with minimal training and setup
  • Associate multiple contacts to events
  • Simplify lead and enquiry management using multiple quotes against an event
  • Increase event or booking value
  • Track reasons for event win/loss
  • Categorise records for precision marketing

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