• Venue and event management in the cloud

Our Story

Priava specialises in delivering enterprise management software through the cloud for booking-centric businesses. Whatever your venue or event requirements are, we can help you save money, maximise profits and productivity while reducing business risk.

Our History

Priava was founded by Michael Scroop, who after graduating from a Swiss hotel management school in 1989, moved into the rapidly developing area of information technology for hospitality and tourism.

With his hands-on industry experience, Michael could see that there was a great need for specialist venue and event management software and so he founded Priava (formerly Parrimark Technology) in 1997.

Priava Today

In 2007 James Pegum joined Priava as the Chief Executive Officer for the Priava Group of Companies. He brought to the organisation a high level of commercial business experience, vast knowledge in the venues and events sector and the knowledge to open up new markets in the Asia Pacific. James’ previous roles included businesses surrounding the Sydney Olympics and International Rugby. He has experience in financial management, Intellectual Property licensing and launching new products.

Priava on Subscription

At Priava we have always used the latest information technologies to help us deliver innovative software products. With the arrival of cloud-based solutions and services, we are now able to deliver Priava using cloud services.

This means our customers can now access their venue and event management information from anywhere, on any device and at any time. It also means that we can offer Priava using the SaaS [Software-as-a-Service] business model so that customers can subscribe to the services they need when they need them.

For more on the business benefits of this new service please visit Why Priava.

With offices in Sydney, London, New York and Christchurch; Priava’s customers include multi-venue groups, caterers, dedicated conference and exhibition centres, art galleries, museums, government departments, charter companies, clubs, stadiums, universities, town halls, theatres and all kinds of outdoor venues.