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Jun 04

GDPR – Automation is the Key to Compliance!

GDPR – Automation is the Key to Compliance!

Since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses across the world have been forced to reevaluate their data storage policies and procedures. Through working with our customers, we’ve learned that the key to ongoing compliance is automation.

For individuals residing within the European Union (EU) and businesses with customers in the EU, the 25th May 2018 was a momentous occasion. For individuals, this date prompted endless marketing emails asking them to “opt-in” to demonstrate consent and, on the flip side, for many businesses, it meant having to stop marketing to or completely wipe a large portion of their client databases.

Despite the major impact to sales & marketing efforts, GDPR has not affected databases alone. Since the enforcement, there have been several hefty fines issued to non-compliant businesses across the world, some in excess of €20,000. With such significant penalties at stake, companies cannot afford to run the risk of non-compliance.

Through working with our customers over the past year, we have seen first-hand the benefits that our Data Privacy feature can bring to venue and events businesses. By allowing them to automate all of the processes that they have developed to ensure GDPR compliant data storage and consent, it means that they can rest assured that the data that they have within Priava will not breach the GDPR guidelines now or in future.

Benefits of Data Privacy

Here’s a quick overview of the three main benefits of the Data Privacy feature within Priava:

1. Demonstrate consent for all contacts

Our users can record and monitor ‘consent to retain personal data’ for all contacts that they have saved in Priava. This means that they can provide evidence of consent following a suspected breach query from an individual.

2. Automate compliant processes

Priava clients can nominate a Data Protection Officer within their organisation who can configure Automations which are made up of “Conditions” and “Actions” and can be used to email a contact and either pseudonymise, anonymise or delete their details. Automations remove the need for manual processes and, once the Data Protection Officer has correctly configured and activated them within Priava, they can rest assured that the data they have stored in Priava will always be compliant with GDPR.

3. Product compliance reports quickly and easily

In the event that one of our clients need to provide evidence of compliance, their nominated Data Protection Officer can produce a report showing all of the Automations that have been configured and statistics surrounding the personal data that they have stored within Priava quickly and easily.

To make sure all new Priava customers are GDPR compliant from the get-go, we’re offering a free 2-hour remote training session focusing specifically on how to use our Data Privacy feature to automate their GDPR compliant processes. Click on the link below to register for this promotion:

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