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Jun 08

GDPR Made Easy

GDPR Made Easy

We’ve released a brand new feature helping our users to comply with GDPR.

The European Union recently enforced new laws surrounding data protection. These regulations, known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), concern any organisations that store information about EU residents – not just businesses that reside within the EU. If you have a global consumer base, then GDPR will have a direct impact on the way that your store and manage your data.

What is GDPR?

GPPR replaced the Data Protection Directive and was designed to standardise the data privacy laws across Europe. The aim of GDPR is to protect and empower EU citizens by imposing greater restrictions on how, where and when organisations can store their personal data, with high penalties for data controllers and processors that are non-compliant.

What has Priava done to ensure users can comply with GDPR?

While Priava users could already comply with GDPR, we decided to make the process even easier by developing a brand new feature. The introduction of “Data Privacy” is part of our ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions that follow best practice standards and that, in terms of data, follow the Privacy By Design methodology.

Data Privacy includes three key functions:

1. Consent
2. Automations
3. Compliance Reports

It is critical that all of the data stored in systems or applications that are being used by your organisation is compliant with the new regulations. By implementing Data Privacy, you can create and implement a compliant policy so that you can rest assured that the data you have stored in Priava meets the needs of GDPR. Furthermore, because Data Privacy automates the whole process for you, once you have configured your Automations, you don’t have to worry about compliance again – it doesn’t get easier than that!

Click on the link below to learn more about GDPR and Data Privacy:

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