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Published on 06 July 2020

How Software can help Arenas and Stadiums to become Smart Venues.

Large venues like arenas and stadiums are increasingly expected to deliver on financial results whilst providing a seamless experience for visitors across all touchpoints, from initial ticket purchase to the match-day or concert-day event. The key to efficient and profitable venue management is a well-trained, empowered and enthusiastic team supported by purpose-built arena and stadium software.

Venues’ needs and the technology built along to fit them has changed significantly in recent years. Big technology consultancy and hardware firms including Deloitte and Intel have recently released their views on the best approach for arena and stadium software infrastructure and roll-out.

Both share the insight that stadium visitors nowadays have high expectations when it comes to venue management. This is true not only for basic conveniences, such as shorter waiting times at the gate, at security checks and availability of clean restrooms, but also digital experiences including availability of strong and free Wi-Fi, ‘game-in-game’ apps to predict and bet on game outcomes, fan loyalty programs… and other digital experiences along with the game or show.

Three layers of Stadium Technology

This increased pressure to deliver high standards for the visitor requires large venues to have a strong digital ecosystem. Deloitte identifies three key layers, the top layer being the Experience Layer, which is what the visitor directly sees and interacts with. The middle layer is the Enabling Technology Layer, which allows for tools, protocols, and data that the team gives to fans, partners, and sponsors. Lastly, the third layer also referred as the foundation layer is the Technology Infrastructure consisting of the physical hardware, networking equipment, and software that powers the arena and enables in-arena experiences. Priava’s value add originates in the connecting, middle layer, the Enabling Technology Layer, with integrations and apps to communicate and embed in the first and third layer that a modern, smart arena or stadium needs.

Intel also noticed that smart stadiums can optimise their revenue streams by personalising the experience for the visitor. For example, visitors can order their food and drink from their personal device so that they don’t need to wait in line and get it delivered to their seat or collect their order on a special, shorter side counter for pre-ordered meals and drinks. Smart stadiums can also use crowd flows captured by cameras to optimise the need for security and cleaning teams in bathrooms.

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Big data is up and coming in the e-commerce and marketing space, and according to the reports, the same approach to availability and utilisation of data is increasingly gaining traction for stadium and arena software. Technology to capture data across visitor flow, catering, ticket sales and on-site purchases is already widely available. It is up to venue managers to capture and utilise this data to obtain meaningful insights. An interesting example that illustrates this comes from Disney’s Entertainment Parks: they provide a smart wristband to visitors that enables access to the park, hotel booking, fast lanes to rides and shows. The wristband can be connected to the users’ credit card to facilitate purchases within the parks.

Infosys released a quote that captures the essence of connected platforms: “The core of a smart and connected stadium is the ability to unite key players with similar needs on a common platform in real- time, thereby creating meaningful interactions with tangible business outcomes.”

Priava is committed to not only provide the best venue and event software solution for arenas and stadiums, but also integrate this software offering with other applications, systems and technology providers to optimise user experience and revenue for smart venues.

If you’d like to learn more how Priava’s comprehensive Venue and Event Management Software can benefit your Arena or Stadium, feel free to book your free demo with one of our consultants today.

Deloitte: The Stadium as a platform: A new model for integrating venue technology into sports business. Downloadable here
Infosys: Smart Connected Venues, Smart Venues, Revolutionary Experiences. White-paper. Downloadable here
Intel: Smart Stadiums take the Lead in Profitability, Fan Experience and Security. Downloadable here

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how you can introduce live availability and instant bookings at your venue using Priava.

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