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Published on 04 August 2020

Online Bookings Software – Every Venue Sales Team’s Secret Weapon

Venue sales is a tough gig, especially now when the events industry has been so badly affected by COVID-19. In recent weeks, we have been working very closely with our customers to ensure they get the most out of Priava to help them get back on their feet and ready to open their doors once restrictions have lifted. Throughout this process, we’ve noticed a key factor that is critical to ensure sales teams are maximising venue occupancy levels and profitability in the short term. Hence we are introducing online bookings venue software to make venue and event bookings easier for you and your clients.

Online Bookings was primarily designed to support organisations with multiple venues, event spaces, rooms and other facilities that need to be booked on a self-service basis. That said, the benefits of Online Bookings venue software translate across all types of venues and events spaces no matter how big or small.
Here’s why:

  • Open 24/7
    We live in a world where people are becoming increasingly impatient and want access to information in real-time which means having to call or make an enquiry and wait for a response is becoming a deterrent for your customers. Using Online Booking, your customers can log in at any time of the day or night, check availability, coordinate the details of their event and make payments. As a result, sales aren’t restricted to business hours and, instead, you can accept bookings from committed buyers 24/7.
  • Less admin means more time to focus on essential activities
    If you ask any venue sales representative what their biggest frustrations are, you are sure to hear that being bogged down with administrative tasks is restricting their ability to dedicate time to proactive business development opportunities. By accepting bookings online, you can significantly reduce the amount of time that is wasted on unnecessary admin – like data entry. Instead, your team can reinvest that time where it will have the most impact e.g. hosting site inspections, making sales calls/pitches and networking.
  • Hassle-free payments
    Once a sale is locked in, creating and chasing up unpaid invoices becomes another frustration for busy sales teams who would prefer to be focusing their attention on new business opportunities. By enabling payments online, you can significantly reduce the workload for your sales and accounts teams as invoices will be generated at the time of booking and payments will be reconciled instantaneously – win, win.

If you are looking to achieve your businesses true potential, then you should support your sales team by accepting bookings online. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how you can transform your business using Online Bookings software for your venue.

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