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Published on 22 December 2017

2017, A Year In Review

2017 was a year of milestone achievements at Priava. From celebrating our 20th birthday, opening an office in the United States, launching Online Bookings, to releasing hundreds of system enhancements, as a company we have accomplished so many things and all with the aim of providing the best cloud-based venue and event management solution.

Here are some of the highlights from 2017:

Birthday Celebrations – Priava Turns 20

“Turing 20 was a huge achievement for Priava,” says Priava’s CEO, James Pegum, “Because it really highlighted how far we have come as a company and how much our product has grown and developed. When the company was launched in 1997, we provided an on-premise solution and since then, we have learned so much from our users across the globe, allowing us to leverage this knowledge to develop and launch our cloud-based solution.”

Start Spreading The News – Priava lands in New York  

James explains, “Since launching our office in New York in February 2018, we have successfully implemented Priava for 33 new clients with many more to come on-board early next year.” He continues, “Being on the ground has allowed us to learn more about specific needs of venues and event spaces in the US and we are using this insight to help us improve the level of service that we offer our clients and to plan future product developments.”

Book Now – Online Bookings & Payments improves efficiency and reduces administration 

Online Bookings was released October 2017 and was a huge leap forward for Priava. James commented, “The release of Online Bookings was a momentous day for Priava and our users. It has allowed us to further streamline booking processes by cutting down on administration and duplication of data which has led to significant time-savings for our clients.” He continues, “As an extension of Online Bookings, the ability to accept payments via bookings sites has meant that our clients can now offer a completely self-service experience for their customers who can search availability, confirm venue bookings, add inventory, catering and process payments online at a time convenient for the end customer.”

New & Improved – Hundreds of systems enhancements developed based on user feedback

“At Priava we are committed listening to customer feedback and incorporate suggestions in the development roadmap.” Says James, “This year alone we have released hundreds of systems enhancements including everything from our Special Days feature, additional core report templates, to additional shortcut and search tools throughout the application. I believe that this is what sets us aside from our competitors and has led to us being named the Best Venue Booking Solution at the Event Technology Awards in London in November.”

Seeing Double – Increase in cloud-based file storage for all clients

James explains, “We wanted to get into the Christmas spirit so we increased in the data allowance that we offer our clients for the purpose of cloud-based file storage. This year we’ve doubled the amount of data and upload limits available for each of our clients.”

So what’s in store for 2018?

“2018 is going to be another big year for Priava,” Says James “We have a number of impressive enhancements already in development. These include rich text editing, improved printing capabilities, more prompts & warning messages, new reports and further customization on existing report filters, greater interactivity within the chart, more drag & drop functionality and much, much more.”

Click here for more information on all of Priava’s latest releases.

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