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Published on 18 October 2017

Now accepting online payments!

At Priava, we are committed to listening to feedback from our users. We take your thoughts and suggestions on board and we use it to inform not only how we operate as a business, but also to prioritise items on our development roadmap and our latest release is testament to that.

Since releasing Online Bookings in July 2017, we have received an overwhelming response from existing and prospective clients who are eager to start using booking sites to capture and confirm their events and venue bookings. Through working with our clients to configure their sites, one of the things we learnt was that they also needed to be able to accept payments online at the time of booking. This is particularly important for councils that manage community halls and centres that are available for the public to hire, as well as stadiums who sell individual corporate boxes as part of match-day events and catering companies that accept online bookings for multiple venues.

With this in mind, we are delighted to announce that Priava now accepts payments via our Online Booking sites. Administrators can configure their own chosen payment gateway which will be seamlessly integrated into booking sites and we currently support payments via BPOINT which is provided by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Michael Sanz, Application & Customer Support Manager in our Sydney Office has been working closely with clients to configure their bookings sites. Michael explains, “Online Bookings was a huge leap forward for Priava because it has allowed our users to streamline their booking processes even more. This is because they can now give their clients the ability to log into their bookings sites at any time of the day or night and, within the sites, they can check availability, add their event and contact information and confirm their own bookings.” He continues, “Typically, a client would need to submit an enquiry on a website or make a phone call in order to check availability and confirm packages or prices. By using Online Bookings, the booking process is much more efficient because the client can access all of the information that they need to be able to proceed with making the booking, without having to wait for a response from the venue.”

Michael believes that accepting payments via Online Booking sites, is a huge value-add for Priava users, “Working with our users, we have already seen the massive time-savings that Online Bookings can provide and, by accepting payments, this is yet another way of improving efficiency.” He continues, “No longer will our clients have to waste time and resources creating invoices and reconciling payments, it’s all taken care of via the payment gateway at the time of booking and the payments are automatically linked to the relevant event record within Priava.”

Online Bookings will continue to be developed and improved based on user feedback, but this latest release marks a huge milestone for Priava as we begin to delve into the world of payments. Check out release page for more information about all of our latest developments.


Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how you can introduce live availability and instant bookings at your venue using Priava.

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