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Gone are the days of seeking one system or vendor to solve all of the technical requirements across your business. Now, successful venues seek best-of-breed solutions to support specific needs. From venue management solutions to accounting packages, email providers, marketing systems, sales management tools, digital signature solutions, and more, successful venues choose to work with best-of-breed systems to manage different aspects of their business. The challenge comes when none of these systems talks to one another.

With more than twenty years of experience in supporting venues across the globe, we know that effective integrations are the key to achieving efficiency and long-term success.

Here are the top five reasons why successful venues choose to integrate best-breed-systems:

  1. Single-Vendor Vs Best-of-Breed
    A single-vendor approach is when a business uses a suite of software from the same vendor. On the other hand, a best-of-breed approach is when a business chooses various solutions from multiple vendors.
    The benefit of the best-of-breed approach is that you can opt for purpose-built solutions that target specific needs across your business instead of being limited to using the features available in a single-vendor suite that aren’t fit for purpose.
  2. Save Time & Money by Automating Manual Processes
    Relying on your staff to manually duplicate data entry across multiple systems comes at a considerable cost to your business. Instead, save time and money by integrating the systems used across your business so that your data flows automatically and seamlessly between the applications, meaning your staff can reinvest their time and energy back into more productive tasks to ensure the success of your business.
  3. Eliminate Errors & Improve Data Integrity
    As well as saving time and money, by replacing manual data entry with an automated sync you will remove the risk of human error. In addition, by successfully integrating your application, you never have to worry about the accuracy, completeness or consistency of the data in any of the systems used across your business.
  4. Increase Productivity & Encourage Collaboration
    By streamlining data flow between your systems, all of your staff can access current and reliable information quickly and easily. As a result, you eliminate delays caused by staff wasting valuable time trying to access up to date information, leading to increased productivity. Furthermore, it encourages effective team communication and collaboration as all staff have access to the same data so they can work together to achieve your combined business target/goals.
  5. Clearer Insight into Business Performance
    Successful integrations provide you with greater visibility into your business performance, enabling you to make informed decisions to support the growth of your business.

At Priava, working with our customers, we have witnessed the benefits that successful integrations can bring to venues. We are committed to building integrations to expand the benefits our venue and event management solution can offer our users and, as part of this commitment, we have recently launched the following native integrations:

We are also actively building more integrations and seeking more strategic partnership opportunities with other leading software providers. Visit our integrations page for a full list of all supported integrations.

Please contact us for more information about the Priava & NetSuite integration.