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Published on 24 December 2018

Looking back on the year that was 2018

Following on from our 20th birthday year, 2018 has been another huge year for Priava. As a company, we have continued to grow and expand our global team and have welcomed a number of new clients from a wide range of industries including caterers, stadiums, libraries, councils and everything in between.

Behind the scenes, our Product & Development Team has also been working extremely hard to deliver some cutting-edge improvements. Some of these have already been deployed, while others are to be released in early 2019.

We are so proud of our achievements over the past 12 months and, with the end of the year fast approaching, we sat down with our CEO, James Pegum, to look back on some of the highlights:

1. Data Privacy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May of this year and data privacy became even more of a priority than it already was, with companies across the globe reviewing their existing processes and policies to ensure they were compliant. James commented, “While the introduction of the GDPR had the biggest impact on our European clients, we wanted to make sure we designed a solution that could help our clients all over the world.” James continues, “Data Privacy was a life-saver for many of our customers because it provides easy to use tools that automate many of the processes that enable compliance with the strict GDPR guidelines.”

2. More Features & Enhancements – We listened to the feedback from our user’s and let this inform our roadmap

“One of the things that I am most passionate about, is using the feedback and suggestions that we receive from our customers to help us determine the priorities on our development roadmap,” says James. “This year we have released numerous systems enhancements based on user feedback. The most notable of these were the improvements to Single Sign-On for our Online Bookings users and our brand new Sandbox environment which will help our customers when testing new integrations or training their teams.”

“In addition to customer suggestions, our Product & Development Team are always exploring new and different ways of improving our cloud-based application. Following on from GDPR, data security continues to be at the forefront of all of the improvements we make to the system and this year we made the decision to boost our security measures even more with the support of a world-class Security Operations Centre.”

3. 2,000,000 Events & Bookings

With an ever-growing customer base, Priava is being used more and more every day all over the globe. This year, we hit a new milestone, with more than 2,000,000 events having been managed using Priava. James commented, “As we continue to grow and welcome new customers, we see the benefits of having built Priava using cutting-edge technology as we can rest assured that our system has the capacity to support the growing demand and will continue to do so in future – here’s to 10,000,000.”

4.Introducing LightSceptre

Priava’s sister company, Olethia, has also been hard at work developing a brand new iPaaS application called LightSceptre. This application will pave the way for fast and effective integrations between Priava and other best-of-breed technologies so that our customers can achieve ultimate efficiency across their organisations. James commented, “The ability to integrate is fast becoming the single most important feature of Priava and we are committed to giving our customers the tools they need to build, test and monitor effective integrations. With this in mind, we set out to build our own iPaaS which will integrate between Priava, HubSpot and NetSuite in the first instance, with many other applications being introduced later in 2019.”

5. What will 2019 bring?

“2019 is the year of HTML,” says James. “As promised this time last year, our Development Team have dedicated a large portion of 2018 to migrating our current application from Flash to HTML. We are now in the final stages of testing and are soon to release some sneak peeks of the new look.”

“The move to HTML will offer our users a number of impressive benefits including but not limited to rich text editing, better reporting, more prompts & warning messages and further customization,” says James, “I am so excited to share the HTML version with our customers – stay tuned, it’s coming soon!”

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