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Published on 21 January 2021

2020 All Wrapped Up

2020 has been a challenging and unpredictable year, and we are hopeful that 2021 will see a return to normality across the globe. The holiday season is an excellent time for reflection and goal setting, so we sat down with our CEO, Shaun Butler, to look back on some of the highlights from the past year and to see what’s in store for 2021:

9 New Features & Modules

In the past twelve months, we have released a range of enhancements to our enterprise-grade solution. From a mobile application to customised dashboards, a payment portal and much more, we have worked tirelessly to continuously improve our venue and event management solution in response to customer feedback, technological advancement and industry trends. Most importantly, however, throughout 2020, we have focused on giving our customers the tools they need to ensure their businesses are COVID-safe. 
Shaun explains, “At Priava, we pride ourselves on being agile, meaning that we quickly respond and adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers and this is something that we have demonstrated this year more than ever. With COVID-19 having such a significant and immediate impact on events and public gatherings worldwide, we have focused on delivering practical solutions to the new challenges that our customers were facing.”

More Integrations

In addition to enhancing our application, as part of our ongoing commitment to integrating with other best-of-breed applications, we have delivered four new out-of-the-box integrations with DocuSign, NetSuite, Xero and SAP. “We know that integration is the key to help our customers improve their overall efficiency and data integrity,” says Shaun. “So, we have chosen to partner with other applications that will help our users to improve their venue and event management processes and in turn, help them to maximize their business potential.”

Better Support

“As a company, our goal has always been to provide the best possible service experience for our customers,” says Shaun. “This year, we have spent more time asking our customers about their experience of using our application and, most importantly, working with us. We have made it a priority to listen to feedback and suggestions, and our global team has worked to find new and different ways to improve the level of support that we offer our customers. In the last year, we have adopted several new initiatives, including webinars, new help centre articles and video content, and there’s more to come.”

Spice Hot 100

One of the biggest highlights of 2020 was when Priava was named one of the top hundred hottest industry services and suppliers for 2020 as voted by readers of Spice News readers. The Hot 100 is an annual list of the leading event services and suppliers, there are 20 categories, and Priava was voted one of the top five “Best Support Services”.
Shaun commented, “Given our efforts to improve our service offering, were so glad to have been recognised as a leading service provider. The Hot 100 is a true “people’s choice” award, so being named a finalist was a huge achievement for our team.”


With COVID still significantly impacting many countries across the globe, there is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen over the next 12 months and how this will impact the venue and events industries. One thing that is for sure is that at Priava we aren’t planning on slowing down any time soon and we have plenty of exciting developments in the works that will be ready to share with you throughout the new year.
“Over the next 12 months we will be launching several new support services that will help our customers to use our enterprise-grade solution to its true potential and get support quickly and easily when they need it,” says Shaun. “In addition, our product development roadmap includes a number of impressive new features and integrations. Of course, we will also continue to pay close attention to government guidelines and restrictions and strive to help our customers to maximize profitability and ensure their business can operate safely.2020 All Wrapped up

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how you can introduce live availability and instant bookings at your venue using Priava.

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