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Priava for Government & Local Councils

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Priava for Government & Local Councils

Government Facilities Management System

Whether you are a Council, Department or Enterprise at Local, State or National Government level that needs to manage venues, facilities, parks or gardens, we’ve thought about what your needs are, from security and scalability through to restriction of information at sensitive sites. We know you need to be confident of controlling who sees what.

Manage any space…

It could be a park or garden, civic centre or town hall, or even a hospital or waterway – Priava can manage the entire booking process and the complexity behind organising events at any space or facility that Government is entrusted to manage.  Over 25% of our clients are Government, so you can rest assured we can help you bring best practice to your space.

Amazingly simple to use!

Staff move on and change roles – we’ve built Priava so simply that you’ll have higher use and less training costs.  View your event bookings on the same screen as your enquiries, make changes quickly in real time and view reports on the fly.

Reliable & Secure with 5 star support!

Our customers rave about our support, it sets us apart in our industry.  With Priava in the Cloud, we have built a reliable and secure environment which is fully redundant.  The needs of Government was one of the main reasons we chose to host priava on Amazon Web Services.  You can read more about the IT side of things below.

Interoperability, we’re building it.

We know it’s critical that Priava works with your other systems, that’s why we are building an API that gives you access to manage your data and information the way you’d like.  We are also working on “out of the box” integrations with the systems that are most commonly used… Talk to us and we will fill you in.

Easy Procurement, quicker implementation

Priava has done away with the need for complex capital investment proposals and amortisation schedules.  Your annual subscription includes everything you need, included in one predictable price.

Total Cost of Ownership & ROI for Government organisations

We’ve done the numbers.  Over 5 years, by using Priava in the cloud, your organisation will save between 25% – 55% in comparison with an on-site, old user interface (UI), Windows or DOS based system.  Where do these savings come from?  No up-front capital, annual support or servers to worry about and your staff now love using Priava and are more productive. In fact, close to 30% more productive versus your old software, or 60% more productive if you’re using Excel, Outlook and a paper diary.

CEO / General Manager

We know the buck stops with you.  That’s why we’ve worked to ensure the business side of things is covered.  Whilst it’s important that Priava helps you manage the sales and operational side, you’ve got to ensure good corporate governance.

Event Manager

We understand the pressures in your role and the highly competitive market that you’re in. Always striving for best practice, you need your sales team to achieve ever-increasing budgets, internal departments to communicate effectively and produce events that exceed your client’s expectations, all with the ultimate goal of increasing repeat business.

This is where Priava can help you.

IT Manager

Foreseeing the future IT needs of an organisation is challenging, let alone adhering to standards and protecting data. There are real clouds, and fake clouds, and the difference is fundamental. By using the right building blocks, Priava ticks all the boxes.

Financial Controller

It’s important to have peace of mind knowing there is a system to keep track of charges, deposits & credits with real time event P&L.  Eliminate duplication of invoices and items & reduce double entry and mistakes.