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Priava for Performing Arts Venues

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Priava for Performing Arts Venues

Performing Arts Center & Theatre Management Software

Live performances of all kinds require incredible spaces to showcase productions and performers.  Arts & Entertainment Centres; Festivals and Theatres – all need solid, reliable event systems to manage behind the scenes and make sure things run perfectly. Priava is the leading software for running theatre and performing arts events at any venue.

Smooth Operations for Performing Arts centres, increased efficiency

When you have a centralised system that runs the back of house, your audience experience is seamless.  That’s because everyone is using the same data. Everyone is getting updates when things change. Staff will also have more focus as they will only see information relevant to their tasks. Manage your performing arts center with software that’s seamless and efficient.

Production Profit & Loss

There are many aspects to the successful hosting of a production or show.  You need to track what staff, equipment and spaces are being used and for how long. This is then checked against ticket sales so you can make informed decisions.  Priava performing arts and theatre management software is your centralised dashboard which tells you in real time how your venues are tracking.

Track what equipment is where

With thousands of items that are movable within your performing arts center or venue, you can be sure double booking is a thing of the past.  You can also report on how frequently equipment is used and manage maintenance outages easily.

Save time entering the same event

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to look at a production a few years back, and simply repeat a lot of the similar tasks when building the details of a new production?   Now you can, and you’ll save time by repeating the event.

Amazingly simple to use!

Staff can move on or change roles quickly in a performing arts business. We’ve built Priava around this – its simple to use. This means minimal training cost and maximum usage. View your venue bookings on the same screen as your enquiries, make changes quickly in real time and view reports on the fly.

CEO / General Manager

We know the buck stops with you.  That’s why we’ve worked to ensure the business side of things is covered.  Whilst it’s important that Priava helps you manage the sales and operational side, you’ve got to ensure good corporate governance.

Event Manager

We understand the pressures in your role and the highly competitive market that you’re in. Always striving for best practice, you need your sales team to achieve ever-increasing budgets, internal departments to communicate effectively and produce events that exceed your client’s expectations, all with the ultimate goal of increasing repeat business.

This is where Priava can help you.

IT Manager

Foreseeing the future IT needs of an organisation is challenging, let alone adhering to standards and protecting data. There are real clouds, and fake clouds, and the difference is fundamental. By using the right building blocks, Priava ticks all the boxes.

Financial Controller

It’s important to have peace of mind knowing there is a system to keep track of charges, deposits & credits with real time event P&L.  Eliminate duplication of invoices and items & reduce double entry and mistakes.