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Priava is pleased to announce the release of our latest feature, Advanced Bulk Edit. This feature is a free inclusion as part Events & Bookings and allows users to add, replace and delete notes, contacts and catalogue items across multiple events simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial for:

  • Councils that manage reoccurring bookings across different halls for community events as well as sporting facilities for training sessions and match days.
  • Universities and educational institutions that coordinate lectures & tutorial bookings as part of the school calendar.
  • Museums and galleries that host multiple events as part of exhibitions.
  • Venues that hold regular internal events such as weekly staff meetings and maintenance review schedules.

Add notes, contacts & catalogue items with ease

Using Advanced Bulk Edit, users select one event that they would like to act as the “Origin Event” which will become the source of record for the all of the “Destination Events” which are part of the Bulk Edit list.  Once this Origin Event has been selected, users can then choose to add notes, contacts or catalogue items that belong to the Origin Event to all Destination Events.

Replace individual items or multiple event details

Advanced Bulk Edit allows users to choose which of the items that are attached to the Origin Event that they would like to replace for all of the Destination Event records. This makes it easy to make isolated changes, or alternatively, update entire event records quickly and easily.

Delete items across multiple bookings simultaneously

By selecting particular notes, contacts or catalogue items on the Origin Event, users can also delete items attached to all of the Destination Event records. This provides massive time-saving benefits for users and ensures all event records are up-to-date.