An enterprise-grade venue & event management solution

Priava’s latest enhancement gives you more control over the information in your database. Using Advanced Permissions (formerly known as Venue Security) administrators can now restrict access for all users at a venue and catalogue item level with ultimate flexibility.

Advanced Permissions is particularly beneficial for multi-venue sites and for large-scale organisations that manage events and bookings across different venues that offer different packages and/or menus at each of their sites. It also ensures that confidential information such as special rates, packages etc. can be controlled only made available to relevant users.

How does it work?

Administrators can restrict which groups of users can access certain venues and catalogue items. This means that administrators can control which venues appear on a user’s venue chart and also determine which venue rates, financial incidentals, catering items, inventory items and packages they can view, add, edit and delete from existing bookings.

Creating groups

Setting up groups based on job roles, sites and/or departments allows administrators to apply the right permissions to the right people and eliminates the repetitive task of having to set up permissions on a per user basis. And the great thing is, all users can be part of multiple groups!

Setting user permissions

Permissions allow administrators to restrict users at a venue level so that they do not appear on their chart and also restrict catalogue items (e.g. venue rates, financial incidentals, catering, inventory and packages). This is useful for organisations that have multiple sites and want to restrict users from creating or editing bookings at particular venues within their organisation and selling particular catalogue items.