An enterprise-grade venue & event management solution

Creating & updating venue bookings has never been easier. Using Calendar Sync, you can now add and edit bookings from within your calendar or Priava and ensure both systems remain accurate and up to date.  This is achieved by authenticating single or bidirectional syncs between Priava and one of our supported calendar applications.



Calendar Sync is an optional add-on module, that is particularly beneficial for large-scale organisations with multiple spaces that are available to internal and external customers. This is because it allows your customers (not just licensed Priava users) to add and edit venue bookings via their calendars.


Create & Update Venue Bookings Straight From Your Calendar

Calendar Sync has been developed to simplify the process of creating and updating venue bookings by creating a seamless integration between Priava and a variety of commonly used online calendar applications. Currently, Priava supports integration with Google Calendar and Office 365.

Calendar Sync allows you to specify which directions you would like information to flow between Priava and your calendar. Furthermore, when syncing data from your calendar into Priava, you can set the default booking information. This means you can choose what event coordinator, status, source, type, venue booking type and contact types will be applied to the booking in Priava. In addition to the booking information, you can also choose to sync attached files, apply set up & set downtimes and add notes as either a catalogue comment or event note.


Manual Sync

When you first enable your Calendar Sync, Priava allows you to manually synchronise relevant existing bookings across both your calendar and within Priava. The Manual Sync feature will allow you to sync bookings that are up to 12 months in the past and 24 months in the future.

Comprehensive Error Logs

To prevent conflicting bookings, Priava conducts a conflict check for all venue bookings created or updated via calendars. All errors are recorded in a detailed log so that all conflicts can be reviewed and resolved by system administrators.


Automated Notification Emails

Administrators can configure automated emails so that Priava users and venue representatives are notified when a new booking has been created, updated or deleted via the Calendar Sync. Administrators can also configure emails to be sent when there is a conflict for a booking created via the Calendar Sync. This will prompt the Administrator to review the error log and resolve the conflict as soon as possible.

How can you add Calendar Sync to your Priava subscription?

If you are an existing customer, contact your Account Manager to add Calendar Sync to your current subscription. Alternatively, contact Sales for more information and a formal quotation.