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Effective communication with your staff, clients, vendors and stakeholders is critical to running a successful venue. To make it easier for you to communicate with all relevant parties, we have recently released a brand-new feature that allows you to create customised email templates that you can send directly from Priava.

What is it?

Using this free feature, Administrators can build customised email templates. Templates can include a sender address, subject line, personalised email content, and any relevant attachments. Users then choose the relevant template, and Priava will prepopulate the email ready for them to send.

Email Templates helps Priava users to:

  1. Standardise Your Approach: Create standardised email templates to ensure nothing gets missed and all communication is consistent. These could include:
    • An initial enquiry email template including an outline of hire fees/minimum spend requirements and a pdf document outlining the terms and conditions.
    • A template to confirming venue bookings, including hire forms and payment information for bonds/security deposits.
    • A template for coordinating the final details in preparation for an upcoming event, including menu choices, audio-visual requirements and final guest numbers etc.
    • A post-event follow up email including a feedback form
  2. Improve Customer Service
    Users can now see a full list of all email correspondence within any contact, organisation, opportunity or event under “Communication” and any attachments sent via email will appear under “Files”. This allows users to provide a better customer service experience, as they have a clear understanding of all communication with the client and can ensure a consistent approach between team members.
  3. Encourage Better Collaboration
    Templates make it easy for your users to share information with all relevant parties in a consistent format, which encourages better collaboration between your staff, clients, vendors and other stakeholders.

Important Note for Priava Customers

Email Templates is a free inclusion that you can start using straight away. Please look at the Help Centre for more information. Alternatively, if you have any questions about Email Templates or anything else to do with Priava in general, please contact your Account Manager.

If you do not currently hold a Priava subscription and would like to find out more about our enterprise-grade solution, please contact us.