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February 2014 Release – Repeating Events


Repeat Events in seconds… It’s never been simpler to repeat an event or booking than it is in Priava. We’ve taken a complex, hair raising experience and made it a breeze…. check it out for yourself by clicking on the links below. If you’re a visual person (like us!), simply click on “Watch the video” to see a quick overview….. then sit back & relax and watch Priava do its thing.

Repeat Events


You can now repeat your events as required saving you valuable time. For example, creating the weekly football meet can be set up in a matter of clicks. Using the frequency options of One Time, Daily, Weekly or Monthly you can handle any request from your customer to have their event repeated. Just click below to see how easy it is.

Watch the Administration of Tasks video


View Repeated Events in the Series


Locating the next event or even the first event in a repeated series has never been easier. Simply click on the Event Series button and find out all the events that were created from your original event booking. Once you’ve found the event you are after, simply double click to open it up in a new tab.

Watch the video


Repeat Venue Bookings


You can now Repeat a venue booking within an event. The venue is repeated via the Manage tab under Venues. This functionality allows you to make multi-day bookings quickly against the same event number using frequency options of One Time, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Watch the video