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Priava’s latest feature, Formulas, allows administrators to create customised calculations that can be applied to all catalogue items. This feature not only provides significant time saving benefits for users, by automatically calculating the formulas, it also reduces the risk of error which means more accurate quotes, reliable sales forecasts and highly detailed reports giving you greater insight into your events businesses.

As part of the Events & Bookings module, Formulas is a free addition for all Priava users and can be customised to suit your business needs.

Creating custom fields and formulas

Say goodbye to manual calculations, using Formulas means that Priava will do all of hard work for you. By creating custom fields and building formulas, administrators can apply formulas to relevant catalogue items and prevent users from ever having to manually calculate anything ever again!

This is particularly beneficial for users that need to:

  • Calculate items that are charged on a per hour or per day basis (e.g. data projectors and AV technicians)
  • Apply service charges to food and beverage packages
  • Simplify the process of allocating charges for staffing

Using formulas

Administrators can create specific calculations for particular catalogue items, so that they are allocated and charged correctly. The great news is that all formulas can be represented on reports and invoices so that your users and clients have a clear understanding of how each item has been charged, based on the formula that has been applied to it.

Make changes in real-time!

Applying formulas to catalogue items, means less work for your users and the best part is that you can make changes on the fly. This significantly reduces the risk of error as it removes the need for manual calculation.