An enterprise-grade venue & event management solution

Priava is delighted to announce the launch of “Master & Sub Events”. This module allows users to create a “master” event and attach “sub” bookings to it so that they are all linked.

The advantage of using Master & Sub Events, as opposed to creating multiple event bookings for the same date and time, is that it reduces data entry and you can manage and report on every booking within the group as a whole or make isolated changes and create invoices or reports for specific sub events. Examples of master & sub events in practice include:

  • Corporate boxes & suites at stadiums and arenas etc.
  • Ticketed events such as Christmas parties, gala dinners, charity balls etc.
  • Stand and space bookings at exhibitions, fairs and trade shows etc.

Creating master & sub events

Any standard event booking can become a master event. Once you have selected the event that you would like to become the master record, you can add as many sub events as required and these events will all be linked to the master.

This feature has been designed to be intuitive and to reduce data entry. When creating a new sub event, the system will automatically populate the event name, number, date and time based on the master record.

How are master & sub events linked?

Once you have created a sub event, Priava will automatically generate a new event name and number for the sub event that reference the master record. This makes it easy to find and edit master and sub events.

In addition, a new “Sub Events” tab has been added to the “Manage” events screen to provide users with a quick overview of all of the relevant bookings that are linked to the master record.

Editing master & sub events

Using the bulk edit tool, you can make changes to master and sub event records in isolation, or as a group. This not only saves time, but also reduces the risk of error.