An enterprise-grade venue & event management solution

Online Bookings is fast becoming the most popular add-on for Priava subscribers. This is due to the fact that self-service booking sites further streamline the event management process, by allowing people other than Priava users to:

  • Check availability and create venue bookings;
  • Add specific event details, catering and inventory requirements to their bookings;
  • Process payments online;
  • Depending on permissions set by the Priava Administrator, manage, edit and even cancel their upcoming bookings.

In an effort to make it even easier for Online Bookings users to create and manage their upcoming bookings, we have recently released a major improvement which will allow Priava Administrators to enable authentication via Single Sign-On for Bookings Sites through Google & Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) which is provided by Microsoft.


What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

SSO is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications. Put simply, if you are trying to access a new system or application that supports SSO, you will be given the choice to use an existing account that you already have, rather than creating a new user account –you’ve probably already used SSO by opting to use your Facebook account to log into another system like Instagram, rather than setting up a new account.

What has changed?

Since its first release, Online Bookings has allowed Priava Administrators to enable SSO for specific booking sites to ensure ease of access for users across their organisation. The difference now is that users that have Google or ADFS accounts will be able to use these same login credentials to access Priava booking sites.

What are the benefits?

To help you understand the benefits that SSO can bring to different organisations, we’ve prepared some use case scenarios:

Scenario 1. Internal meeting room bookings for a large-scale organisation

This organisation has approximately 1,000 employees and more than 40 meeting rooms. These meeting rooms are used by internal staff on a daily basis for the purpose of meetings and workshops.
All users within this organisation have an existing Microsoft Account that they use to log into their computers and it is also linked to their email accounts. By authenticating SSO for their booking sites using ADFS, this organisation will experience the following benefits:

  • Resource savings for the IT department – IT only need to create one Microsoft account and staff can use this same account to access Online Bookings, which reduces the time taken to set up a new staff member;
  • Limit access for former staff members – IT only need to deactivate one account when someone leaves the organisation which will prevent them accessing all of the systems and applications that are used across the organisation;
  • Reduce the number of login credentials for users – Users will not have to create a new login for bookings sites and therefore don’t have to remember multiple login credentials.

Scenario 2. External bookings for a public space

This organisation has a high demand area available for the general public to book for the purpose of parties, celebrations and other events. The primary focus of this organisation is to make it as easy as possible for their customers to book their space. By authenticating SSO for their booking sites using Google, this organisation will offer their customers the following benefits:

  • Streamline the booking process – Improves the overall user experience by reducing the number of steps involved in setting up an account, so that they can focus on making the booking;
  • Limit the risk of “forgotten passwords” – Because users can log in with their Google account, it’s one less password to remember which will be extremely beneficial for frequent visitors;
  • Improved security – The user’s credentials are protected by the same security settings that are attached to their Google account.

How can you apply SSO?

If you are an existing customer using Online Bookings, talk to our Support Team to learn more about SSO. Alternatively, contact Sales for more information about Online Bookings.