An enterprise-grade venue & event management solution

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had the ability to give people, other than your Priava users, the ability to view your venue bookings chart so that they knew if their preferred date was available prior to making an enquiry? Well, thanks to the launch of Priava’s Online Calendar & Enquiries, now you can.

Online Calendar & Enquiries allows individuals without a named user license to view availability and submit event enquiries without logging into the system. This is particularly beneficial for companies with internal meeting rooms that need to be booked by staff on a self-service basis, as well as local council and government organisations that manage halls, sporting facilities and other sites that are in high demand, and dedicated event venues that need to provide real-time availability for clients who want to know if their preferred date is available before making an enquiry.

What is an Online Calendar?

Online Calendars provide users with a restricted view of your venue bookings chart, that can be customised by your system administrators and accessed via a unique web address (URL) or embedded into your website. Online Calendars have a number of user-friendly features including the ability to tailor your search by date and venue capacity (search results can also be refined by day, week or month), a tooltip that can be customised to reveal relevant information about existing bookings on the calendar and an easy-to-use web form that enables users to submit venue booking enquiries with contact details and event specific information that will be recorded as a new opportunity in Priava.

Creating customised calendars in real-time

Venues and event details (incl. event names, event types, primary contact details and booking statuses), can be restricted by system administrators so that they are hidden from the calendar, which means that users only have access to the information that is relevant for them. The added bonus is that all calendars can be edited as often as required and any changes will be reflected in real-time.

But what if I need separate calendars for different purposes? 

As part of the subscription to this module, your system administrators have the ability to customise three separate calendars that can be used to suit different purposes across your organisation. For example, you may wish to have one calendar for internal staff that displays detailed event information for all venues (incl. internal meeting rooms as well as spaces that are available for hire), another for stakeholders that reveals limited information about the booking (e.g. event type, PAX numbers and times) and another calendar for external clients, that only displays the availability for the spaces that are available for hire, without revealing any further details about the event booking.

Capturing enquiries

Users can submit venue booking enquiries straight from the online calendar, which will then be recorded as new opportunities within Priava. This not only provides significant time-savings resulting from reduced data duplication, but it also speeds up the event booking process by empowering users to check availability and submit enquiries for the dates that they are interested in. Furthermore, the simple web form, allows users to submit all of the relevant details relating to their event, which means that your events team can begin preparing accurate quotations as soon as the opportunity appears in Priava.