An enterprise-grade venue & event management solution

A Sandbox is a complete copy of your Priava account – meaning that it looks and works just like your current Priava account, but any changes you make only impact the Sandbox and will not affect your live data.

What are the benefits of using Sandbox?

Using the Sandbox, you can:

  • Train new staff without compromising any opportunities or upcoming events;
  • Implement & trial integrations without the risk of corrupting or losing any data from your live system;
  • Configure & test payment portals before enabling them on your live booking sites.

Configuring a Sandbox

A Sandbox can be refreshed up to 12 times for clients with an annual subscription or three times for clients with a quarterly subscription. Refreshing your Sandbox will ensure all testing and training carried out within the Sandbox is relevant to your live system.

How can you add Sandbox to your Priava subscription?

If you are an existing customer, contact your Account Manager to add Sandbox to your current subscription. Alternatively, contact Sales for more information and a formal quotation.