An enterprise-grade venue & event management solution

Are you pulling your hair because your sales team struggle to identify key dates meaning that you miss out on opportunities to maximise revenue? Do you find it frustrating when one of your colleagues book an event on a day when your venue is closed for maintenance or staff training? Do you need to be able to close off particular venues from taking bookings at particular times of the year? If any of these ring true for you, then our latest feature might be just what you need.

Special Days allows you to highlight and restrict important dates on the chart such as:

  • National & Bank Holidays
  • Celebrations & Special Occasions
  • Scheduled Maintenance or Renovations
  • School Holidays
  • End of Financial Year
  • Seasonal Menu Changes
  • Staff Training Days

By giving system administrators more control over when users can make bookings, Special Days not only prevents bookings from being made on days when venues are closed or unavailable, it can also be used to highlight opportunities to maximise revenue on key dates that are in high demand.

Configuring Special Days

Administrators can create as many Special Days as required for individual dates, or specified date ranges as one-off occurrences or they can be configured to reoccur annually. Special Days can be applied to all venues or a select few with the flexibility to restrict bookings completely, or simply prompt a warning message when a user is attempting to make a booking on this day(s).

Furthermore, you can create multiple Special Days for the same date and colour code them so that they stand out on the chart. You can also prioritise Special Days that fall on the same date to determine which is the most important e.g. If a national or bank holiday happens to fall within a school holiday period, then it could be selected as the main priority.

Special Days on the chart & online calendar

Once you have setup your Special Days, these will be displayed on the chart within Priava as well as the online calendar. This means you can clearly see all of the Special Days that are setup in the system and quickly determine which venues they are relevant for. Furthermore, by hovering your cursor over a special day on the chart or online calendar, the system will reveal a handy tooltip which displays key details about the Special Day such as the name, start and end dates and comments.

Warning messages keep users informed

Administrators can restrict users from being able to make bookings on Special Days, alternatively, they can opt to display warning messages to ensure users are aware that it is a Special Day before they proceed with making the booking. This is particularly useful for national and/or bank holidays when additional service charges may apply. It is also a great way of managing yield, as administrators can use Special Days to highlight key dates that are in high demand prompting their users to seek a higher minimum spend requirement or increased hire fee.