An enterprise-grade venue & event management solution

Tasks have arrived in Priava!! We’ve incorporated a simple user-friendly addition to the Core CRM, providing a huge leap in efficiency in organising your events, ensuring that key tasks are recorded and actioned. To start exploring Tasks, simply click on the links below…

  • Task Overview
  • Administration of Tasks
  • Using Tasks
  • Creating a Task
  • Managing Tasks
  • Tasks List Report

Keep an eye out for our next release in the coming weeks.

Administration of Tasks

This is as simple as creating custom Task Types in the Admin area of Priava, e.g. Phone Call, Email, etc. The Task Types are fully customisable, so each of our customers can create their own unique tasks.

Using Tasks

To open the Tasks Panel, simply click on the new Tasks button. The Tasks Panel will slide out, and will remain as you navigate through Priava, only closing if you click on the Tasks button a second time.

Creating a Task

You can create a task by clicking New and entering in the relevant details as required. Tasks can be associated to an opportunity or event, as well as a contact.



Managing Tasks

You can use the tickboxes against the tasks to mark a task as complete, as well as re-open a task that has been previously set to complete. The Admin user also has the ability to view and set tasks for other users, so that employees tasks can be scheduled and monitored.



Tasks List Report

The Tasks List report will give you all the information you need to keep track of yours, and your employees, tasks.