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Tevalis is a leading EPOS suitable for hospitality providers. As part of our ongoing commitment to integrating with best-of-breed applications, we recently launched an out-of-the-box integration with Tevalis.

Our native Tevalis integration was designed to support Priava users that rely on Tevalis for cash handling, ordering, invoicing for credit account holders and more. To do this, we created a bidirectional sync that shares information about food and beverage orders, payments, and credits between Priava and Tevalis.

Here is a summary of the primary benefits that our Tevalis integration can bring to your business:

  1. Up-to-date Food & Beverage Orders
    Daily syncs ensure current event information from Priava can be accessed on Tevalis Tills at relevant Sites ensuring front-of-house staff have the information they need to provide better service to your customers.
  2. Reconcile Payments With Ease & Facilitate Creditworthy Payments
    Automatically syncing your payments allows you to rest assured your accounts will reconcile across both applications, resulting in significant time savings. You can also accept CreditWorthy payments for relevant clients within Tevalis and generate necessary invoices in Priava.
  3. Greater Insight Into Your Business
    By replacing manual processes with automated syncs, you reduce the risk of error, improve data integrity and gain greater insight into your business because you can accurately report on key business performance metrics.

Important Note for Priava Customers:

If you are interested in learning more about this integration, please contact your Account Manager for further information and pricing. Alternatively, if you have already purchased a subscription, please take a look at the Help Centre for more information about how to configure the integration.

If you do not currently hold a Priava subscription and would like to find out more about our enterprise-grade solution, please contact us.