An enterprise-grade venue & event management solution

Combining a range of new powerful features with a fresh and intuitive interface, Priava has been re-engineered to make it easier and faster than ever to manage venues and deliver incredible events for your customers – It’s the biggest leap forward since we moved to the cloud!

What’s new?

This isn’t just a regular system update. Instead, we’ve completely redesigned our cloud-based solution to deliver the world’s best user experience and the most advanced venue and event management software ever made.



We know that time is precious in the world of venue and events management, so we’ve made sure you can access the information you need as quickly and easily as possible. From searching the CRM to checking availability on the Chart and producing quotations and reports, Priava is now faster than ever before.



Not only have we given Priava a contemporary makeover, we’ve also completely changed the layout and added a number of user-friendly enhancements to make it far more intuitive. With better search capabilities, more customisable user settings and additional in-application prompts, existing customers will be able to adapt to the new-look quickly.


Most importantly, the all-new Priava has been rebuilt using cutting-edge technology with the aim of making the system more accessible and future proof. With more and more of our clients relying on tablets in place of desktop computers, we have introduced a number of tablet-friendly features including touch-enabled controls to ensure the system is just as easy to use on tablets and will later release a mobile app to make it even more accessible when you are on the go.


How do I access the new system?

Just like all of the other Priava updates, the great news is that you don’t need to install anything on your end. Simply log into Priava and you’ll notice that the new system is ready and waiting for you to use.