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We are excited to launch our new feature: the Priava Payment Portal. This new addition is now available on your Priava Software and does not require any 3rd party set-up, pre-authorisation or approval. With Priava Payment Portal feature, you can enable your customers to pay for room bookings directly via your website. This makes the booking process easier, secures the room quicker, and gets the money to your venue sooner.

The Priava Payment Portal: 3 reasons why you should activate Priava’s online payment:


1. No more re-entry of financial information

Priava Payment Portal

Using the Priava Payment Portal records the sale in your Priava backend for easy inclusion in marketing, sales and profitability reports. This saves you time entering the financial information in Priava and ensures your system always has up-to-date records. Also, there are no third-party steps in clearing the transaction, so that you always have real-time data and access to funds

2. Priava Payment Portal enables your clients to pay directly from an invoice link

Invoice Link to Priava Payment Portal

Your client can pay directly from the invoice link you send in the quote with a credit card. There is no more need to go via a third-party payment platform or bank portal to transfer the money. This brings the additional benefit that your venue gets the funds faster. For your client this feature is easy to use, settles the bill in a few clicks, and brings peace of mind as a paid room is a secured room.

3. Already available in your Priava backend. Easy to set up.

Admin Payment Gateway to Priava Payment Portal

You can turn-on the Priava Payment Portal directly from your backend. There is no set-up cost or minimum spend to utilise the feature, and no need for Priava to set this up for you (but if you may have any questions, feel free to contact us).

At Priava we continuously improve our software functionality based on your feedback, so we are always happy to consider requests for future updates.

If you are an existing customer, contact your Account Manager to add Online Booking Module to your current subscription. Alternatively, contact Sales for more information and a formal quotation.