An enterprise-grade venue & event management solution

Priava is happy to announce that Venue Security is now available. Venue Security allows you to restrict which venues users can view, edit, add or delete throughout Priava, allowing you to control access to your venues with ultimate flexibility.

Venue Security won’t be available to you by default. So if you are interested in using the Venue Security module get in contact with us and we’ll help you on your way.

Restrict Venue Access Through Groups

By using security groups, you can restrict which groups of users can access which venues. Perfect for multi-site implementations, ensuring staff can only access the venues they need to. The use of groups removes the mundane task of having to set up permissions on a user by user basis. Instead, setting up groups based on Job Roles, Sites or Departments e.g. Events Coordinator, Business Development Manager, Accounts allows you to quickly and easily apply the right permissions. And the great thing is, a user can be part of more than one group!

Venue Security Across the Event

The way in which you set your security group permissions will allow your users to have different abilities when adding or managing an event. With the ability to configure permissions for Viewing, Editing, Adding or Deleting a Venue from an event, you will have finite control over what your users can do to an associated booking. Even event catalogue items associated to a venue booking will adhere to the security permissions you’ve set up.

Embedded Throughout Priava

Venue Security is embedded throughout Priava. From event catalogue items, the chart, through to reports and filters – your security permissions are enforced. This ensures users only see or interact with the venues and related information they have been authorised to.