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Blond Catering

Blond Catering elevates their business into the cloud.


Based in Sydney, Australia, Blond Catering is renowned for delivering delicious, contemporary menus with a fresh Danish twist and matched with exceptional service. With their primary commercial kitchen based in Marrickville, Blond Catering cater for a diverse portfolio of venues across the Sydney CBD including the NSW State Library, Billich Art Gallery, H220 and the Austral Brickworks Design Studio for which they were recently awarded the Sydney Metropolitan Caterer of the Year and the National Venue Caterer Award as part of the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association’s Savour Awards for Excellence – a title that they have held for two years. In addition, they are the exclusive caterer at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) and provide a variety of services on board luxury yachts other offsite locations for one-off weddings and events.

From breakfast meetings and picnic lunches to conferences, cocktail parties, gala dinners, weddings and everything in between, Blond Catering’s seasonal menus can be adapted to cater for a wide range of events. As a Gold License Caterer, they are a popular choice for both corporate and private events.

Key Challenge – Adopted a new venue and urgently needed a cloud-based solution to ensure all staff could work from a centralised system

When Blond Catering first took over CYCA in 2015, the venue had previously been using a different system from the one that they had been using at their other venues. This meant that they were given an opportunity to decide whether they should implement their existing system at the new venue or look for a better option. With so many different staff members working across different locations it was apparent that a centralised system would be needed to ensure all staff had access to the same information in real-time – particularly in terms of checking venue availability. General Manager, Anna Persson, had previously used Events Perfect, Priava’s legacy system, in a previous role and was eager to explore the new cloud-based option. Anna explains, “From my experience using Events Perfect, I knew exactly what I needed from the system, so when I found out that they had developed a cloud-based option I was excited to learn how the system had been improved since I last used it.”

“One of the biggest bonuses of the system is that it is constantly being updated and improved based on feedback from users. We have seen a number of updates since we started using the system and many of these have involved new features that were offered as part of our subscription to the core software not costing us any additional money"

Blond Catering

Anna Persson

General Manager

Blond Catering

The Solution – A cloud-based system that would be efficient to implement and could be accessed at any location

After participating in both a demonstration and a 7-day trial of the system, as well as reviewing several different options, Blond Catering chose to implement Priava’s cloud-based solution and according to Anna, the onboarding process was one of the main reasons that Priava was selected. Anna explains, “We needed a solution that could be implemented quickly and easily and, given that Priava is cloud-based, there was no need for it to be installed onsite rather we could simply access the most up-to-date version of the system via any web browser.”

The Results – Access to real-time data and a system that is constantly evolving



The benefits that Blond Catering has achieved through the use of Priava’s cloud-based venue management solution so far include:

  • Real-time availability means users can respond to enquiries quickly;
  • Predefined catering & inventory items reduce the need for manual data entry;
  • Venue Association means that catering & inventory items are only available at predefined locations;
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere;
  • Lower IT maintenance and support costs because all updates are administered remotely;
  • System always evolving based on user feedback;
  • Emailing functionality increases efficiency and improves communications;
  • Special Days highlight opportunities to maximise revenue on key dates that are in high demand;
  • 24/7 Online Help Centre featuring Knowledge Base with more than 100 articles;
  • Ability to integrate with other best-of-breed systems such as finance, marketing etc.

Final comment from Anna  “Priava has streamlined the way we manage our bookings from the initial enquiry through to execution of the final event. With our venue and catering team working from the same system, it means that they can easily assist each other, which saves the business time and money searching for additional staff to manage busy periods. The fact that we can access the system from anywhere and at any time is an added bonus as we are always on the move!”

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