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Fabulous Fan Fayre

Fabulous Fan Fayre adopts Priava to grow and manage conference & event sales for stadia including Manchester City Football Club.


Formed in 2013, Fabulous Fan Fayre (F3) is a joint venture between One Event Management Ltd and Legends Hospitality that is designed to offer guests a new, unique, and truly memorable experience. Specialising in managing and supporting hospitality at some of the World’s most iconic stadiums, F3 have partnered with Manchester City Football Club (M.C.F.C) in the UK to provide what it believes to be the best stadium catering in the Premier League. The company currently manages all non-match day hospitality for MCFC, as well as catering and hospitality on match days and for concerts.

At MCFC’s Etihad stadium the company handles on average 150 conference and event enquiries per month, from which they typically book around 40 events, hosting around 3,000 delegates.

Key Challenges – F3 needed a new venue management solution that could be used across multiple venues to both effectively manage and maximise conference & event bookings.

When F3 took over the running of non-match day hospitality from Manchester City Football Club (M.C.F.C), it was obvious that the incumbent system was not going to provide all the functionality and flexibility that F3 required to meet their ambitious business targets. Sales and Marketing Manager at F3, Rebecca Pickard, explains,“We needed to find a more modern system that was owned and managed by F3. We also needed a solution that would offer customised reporting, so that we could analyse booking data and then focus on the areas where we were making the most revenue, and where we should focus our sales effort.”

“Having a system that allows us the confidence that we will never overbook the venue or take a booking on a match day is really reassuring. The information that the system provides is also critical to managing and developing an events business."

Fabulous Fan Fayre

Rebecca Pickard

Sales and Marketing Manager

Fabulous Fan Fayre

Solution – An easy to use and cost-effective cloud-based solution from Priava that offered flexibility, key business reporting and integrated sales and CRM management

F3 reviewed various products on the market. IT Manager at F3, Sean Marshall explains why they finally chose Priava, “The other solutions were much more complex to use, and did not give the flexibility we needed in the reporting and the venue management. The Priava solution on the other hand was much more organised and structured giving us a better understanding of how it could impact our business and was cost-effective.”

Straightforward implementation & training and easy roll-out to future stadia

According to F3 the implementation went very smoothly. After Priava had customised the solution to meet F3’s needs they then initiated a training for the six users at MCFC.  They have since taken advantage of Priava’s Advanced Permissions Module for another stadium, that effectively enables additional users to be added to the main system with controlled access to information that is only relevant to that venue.  The benefit of this is that F3 need only invest in one system and simply add on additional users as they grow their business with additional venues.  Rebecca comments, “The training went very well, from a user point of view the system is very straight forward, self-explanatory, easy to use and intuitive and compared really favourably with other systems I had used in the past.”

The Results

Summary of benefits

The benefits that F3 has achieved through the use of the Priava cloud-based venue management solution so far include:

  • Supports multiple venues and can assign clients to multiple organisations
  • Supports meeting targets and year on year increase in bookings (44%)
  • Customisable reporting that allows a venue to specify exactly the data it needs to run its business
  • Eliminates double bookings and assists with resource management
  • Easy management and clear demarcation of ‘booked’ and ‘provisional’ events
  • Identification of ‘top spenders’ allows more effective marketing
  • Support for marketing campaigns
  • Eliminates errors and enables staff to focus on more customer contact
  • Supports high quality service for clients with fully automated and professional system with access to checklists and deadlines
  • Easy to use and navigate system saves time and minimises training required
  • Instant access to Financial Revenue Summaries that identify sources of business and new opportunities
  • Valuable sales information including conversion rates, reasons for losing a booking
  • Quick access to information using ‘universal search’ function
  • Easier maintenance of system with all updates done remotely, no need for internal IT resources
  • Enhanced client communication with event reports
  • Reduce admin for sales staff so they can focus on new business
  • Anywhere, anytime access to system enables team to check availability out of the office e.g. at exhibitions/shows

Final word

Rebecca summarises her experiences with Priava so far, “Having a system that allows us the confidence that we will never overbook the venue or take a booking on a matchday is really reassuring. The information that the system provides is also critical to managing and developing an events business. You get out what you put in, and whatever data you need, Priava has the ability to provide it. After only having used the system for 12 months, moving forward we will be able to examine year by year trends that will give us even more insight into how we can continually improve the way we run the operation.”

fabulousfanfayre-catering-left-02The Future

F3 are still exploring all of the ways in which they can extend the use of Priava including integrating it with their Sage accounting system.  As they expand and add new venues they also will take advantage of Priava’s ‘Advanced Permissions Module’ that provides controlled user access to different events and information, allowing them to use the system across multiple locations and venues. F3 will continue to offer feedback and ideas back to Priava in order to help develop new features specific for their needs and also for the benefit of other venues too.

On Priava

“We love the fact that Priava’s support team come back to you so quickly. They are very professional and hands-on. So rather than just fob you off with documentation, they talk through the challenge you may be having and then offer advice and suggestions on how the system can help and best   meet the needs of our business.”

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