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Football New South Wales

Football New South Wales relies on Priava’s cost-effective booking system to manage all events & hospitality.



Football New South Wales in Greenwood, Sydney is located at the Valentine Sports Park and is the proud home of football for the whole of New South Wales. As part of a recent re-development and refurbishment, the Park boasts some excellent facilities including quality fields with three grass pitches and two all-weather synthetic grounds, plus the extension of its futsal courts together with the facilities around it including accommodation and catering on site.  Valentine Sports Park is also the ideal place for events, conferences and meetings and its many rooms support a range of functions including dinners & lunches, seminars, Christmas parties, corporate training sessions, tuition lessons, social groups & meetings, networking events, cocktail parties and conferences.

Key Challenge – Refurbished facility required new booking system for all events

Venue Coordinator at Football NSW, Kate Stephenson explains, “The park recently underwent a complete refurbishment of all its facilities, so when that was completed we knew that we needed to find a system that could manage and book between 15-20 events every day, plus cope with the expansion of our multi-purpose facilities for both football and non-football related hospitality.  For example on top of all our sports areas we also have several function spaces that cater for up to 350 guests.”

"Overall the system streamlines all our events and makes us more efficient. We can also eliminate the possibility of double bookings as this is detected automatically by the system."

Football New South Wales

Kate Stephenson

Venue Coordinator

Football New South Wales

The Solution – A cost-effective, cloud-based booking and event management system

“We looked at a few different solutions” says Kate, “but Priava gave us what we needed, was in budget and we liked the fact that it was cloud-based.” The solution has been up and running since December 2013 and according to Kate the team find it easy to use and they like the clear listings and dashboard of events.

The Results



The benefits that Football New South Wales has achieved through the use of the Priava cloud-based venue management solution so far include:

  • Comprehensive booking system for multi-purpose events;
  • Cost-effective and within budget;
  • Saves significant administrative time e.g. bulk editing feature saves a couple of minutes per event;
  • Cloud-based system can be accessed anytime, anywhere;
  • Quick and easy built-in reporting;
  • Occupancy reports provide hours of use for insurance purposes;
  • Organised and smooth events e.g. easy to access all information on what each event requires such as equipment/catering;
  • Marketing intelligence – reveals peaks and troughs/levels of occupancy;
  • Supports controlled login for external suppliers e.g. caterers;
  • Elimination of double bookings;
  • Dashboard provides ‘at a glance’ view of daily events;
  • More effective cover for staff holidays/absenteeism – ‘Notes’ section provides detailed log of what’s been happening;
  • Emailing detailed reports directly from the system makes it easier to share information and ensure all departments have access to the information that they need.

Final comment

“Priava takes care of all our bookings across our multi-purpose facilities and spaces, and professionally communicates the information we need to offer our clients.”

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