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Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre

Yukon’s premiere venue increases volume of events bookings with Priava.


The Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre based in Whitehorse in the Yukon, Canada, represents the return of its people to its traditional home along the banks of the Chu Nínkwän (Yukon River).  This beautiful facility allows Kwanlin Dün First Nation to maintain its tradition of welcoming others to experience, respect and enjoy the lands and waters in its territory.

The Centre provides one of the largest and most attractive meeting spaces in the city of Whitehorse and is a place to celebrate and share history, traditions and culture with Yukoners and visitors from around the world. There is a place for artists to make and display their work, an elders’ lounge for story-telling, classrooms for people to learn languages, and a large corridor for displays that guides visitors through the history and culture of the Yukon Territory.

The facility contains a diversity of spaces appropriate for conferences and conventions, workshops, public talks, cocktail receptions, weddings, cultural events and experiences. Set beside the river, it provides a welcoming and peaceful space for up to 450 delegates.

Key Challenge –  difficult to manage a growing number of events using a manual system

Head of events at Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre, Courtney Wheelton explains, “Our centre is still relatively young, but as more and more people were getting to know about us, the volume of events that we are hosting is steadily increasing. As a result we realised that we needed to update the way in which we were managing events, as we were heavily reliant on Excel spreadsheets. With each event we had a 4 page document that we needed to print off and enter into our calendaring system. This was both time-consuming with lots of duplication and room for errors. With two systems there was also the chance that some information was missed and not logged.”

“The transition to Priava was flawless and all staff found it easy to use, plus the reporting system is phenomenal.”

Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre

Courtney Wheelton

Head of Events

Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre

The Solution – Automated, cloud-based software able to support and promote growth

According to Courtney, further to a recommendation, Kwanlin Dün selected the Priava cloud-based system to manage its events. “With Priava, we would no longer have to manually create reports and can enter and capture all information easily in one place. This was essential as the number of events grew and more people were involved in the running of them.” The software is used by 4 members of the events team with additional ‘read-only’ users such as catering and finance. “The transition to Priava was flawless and all staff found it easy to use, plus the reporting system is phenomenal.”

The Results – More simplicity, speed, control, information, accountability and growth

Within just five months of using Priava, the Centre has seen “Every step of the events process become easier” says Courtney from inputting initial bookings, coordinating the events, through to tracking and monitoring of results.

Summary of benefits

The benefits that The Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre has achieved through the use of the Priava cloud-based venue management solution so far include:

  • Technology support ability to host higher volume of events
  • Track and measure occupancy levels for different spaces
  • Saves “incredible” amounts of time
  • Easy to create detailed reports
  • Ability to plan ahead by accessing advanced information about upcoming bookings
  • Easy access for all staff wherever they are (e.g. off-site at a trade show)
  • Improve internal communication with use of functions such as ‘Notes’ feature
  • No system updates or maintenance to manage as this is all carried out remotely
  • Measure the return of marketing spend
  • Can easily reserve potential bookings with ‘tentative bookings’ functionality
  • Record more details on events leading to smoother delivery
  • Option to integrate with other systems e.g. finance & accounting packages
  • Elimination of double bookings
  • Reporting data helps to guide future strategy

Final comment

“You click it, you add it and you’re done. Every step of the events process is easier.”

Favourite feature is “Bulk Edit” that enables the venue to make changes across numerous bookings simultaneously.

On Priava

“They’ve been great, very fast and really helpful. Always give you clear and concise answers to any queries you may have.”

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