• Venue and event management in the cloud

University of Melbourne’s VCA & MCM faculty

Priava delivers 200% increased performance in managing venues & events for University of Melbourne’s VCA & MCM faculty


Part of The University of Melbourne, the faculty of the VCA & MCM (Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music) hosts a wide range of events across its many campus venues from concerts to dance and theatre performances, to film screenings and art exhibitions. The majority of events are internal with the exception of several large scale productions such as the Sugar Mountain festival held in the VCA’s grounds each year on Australia Day.

Key Challenge – Wanted in-depth financial reporting, ease-of-use and less reliance on IT department

Production and Facilities Manager at the Faculty of the VCA and MCM, University of Melbourne, Darren Golding explains, “When I first joined the University in February 2012, we had no specific system to manage the faculty’s events and relied on spreadsheets.  In October 2012 we adopted Events Perfect which suited our needs, but when we heard about Priava’s cloud-based technology we could immediately see the additional benefits it could offer. We have a mix of casual and full-time staff that need access to venue and events information so we wanted a system that was really easy to use and wouldn’t require much training. The level and depth of financial reporting that we need to produce on each event is also quite complex so anything that facilitated this process was welcome. With an extremely busy in-house IT department servicing the faculty’s 3,000 students and 200+ staff, the concept of cloud was also appealing as we could potentially reduce the burden on our already stretched IT team.”

"We no longer require servers which translates into capital savings as well as time-savings in maintaining, managing and replacing on-site equipment"


Darren Golding

Production and Facilities Manager


The Solution – A cloud-based system that “wasn’t rocket science to use”

In June 2014, the faculty of the VCA & MCM moved to Priava’s cloud-based venue and events management solution. “The move was quick and the staff found it very, very easy to use and new casual staff could pick it up really quickly as it wasn’t rocket science to use. We loved the dashboard, the tabs were pleasing to the eye – everything was just better formatted allowing us to work faster. In comparison, other systems we reviewed were very confusing and we may have only ever really utilised only 15% of the features. With Priava you can’t break it, it’s really simply laid out and it just does what you expect it to do.” The Faculty has 14 users that have access to Priava and these range from production managers for performing arts through to music programme coordinators.

The Results – 200% increase in performance

“Since using Priava we have doubled our performance project productivity in a short period of time” says Darren. One of the key areas that has seen a major transformation is staff training.  “When we need to introduce a new user, training only takes half an hour and unlike more complicated solutions, users do not have to possess IT credentials to pick it up. It is straightforward to administer and new users rights can be set up quickly and securely, without having to put extra pressure on our in-house IT team” According to Darren, the Priava solution makes the faculty’s venue management completely autonomous, so there are no delays in adding users or taking advantage of new functionality in the latest upgrades.


The benefits that the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of the VCA & MCM has achieved through the use of the Priava cloud-based venue management solution so far include:

  • 200% increase in overall efficiency due to time-savings, reduced IT costs and enhanced budgeting
  • Saves time on training – ideal for casual staff
  • Remote access enables home working
  • Reduce reliance on IT department
  • Tracking of maintenance and performance budgets for events and other activities
  • Detailed and high quality breakdown of financial information
  • Real-time reporting
  • Assists budget planning
  • Recording of all event costs
  • Repeat Booking feature saves on data entry
  • Easy tracking of labour budgets
  • Automatic data back-ups
  • Easy sharing of information
  • Important event and project document sharing

On Priava,

“Priava’s support is fantastic and we have a great relationship. We rarely encounter any system errors.”

Darren Golding concludes, “Now into our second year of using Priava we are really enjoying the system. It simply performs”

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