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Frequently Asked Questions

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Priava FAQs


Can we access the system from anywhere?

Yes, Priava users can access the system anytime, anywhere from any computeror tablet with an internet connection or via Mobile App.


Do we need servers or IT support to get access to Priava?
No, just an internet connection.
Does Priava offer a mobile app?

Yes. Download the mobile app in the App Store or via Google Play


Can we create our own detailed reports using Priava?

Yes, as part of a subscription to Priava’s Core Software & CRM module, users have access to a suite of more than 40 core reports. The reports feature has been designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use in order to enable super users to design their own custom reports based on these existing core templates. This includes being able to change the appearance of the report to suit your organisation’s branding guidelines and add your logo, as well as the ability to filter and/or display certain information to suit your specific needs.

Can we use our reporting software in conjunction with Priava?
Yes, if you want to use your own reporting system, you can easily export data in CSV or XML format or integrate with your preferred platform using our API.

Security and Reliability

How secure is Priava?

Priava is fully compliant with current and best data security practices ensuring your data is very secure within our environment.

Is Priava GDPR compliant?

Our optional add-on module called Data Privacy allows users to configure settings to assist in compliance with GDPR.

While we always recommend using a third party to assess compliance. The good news is that if you use Data Privacy correctly, your data lifecycle in Priava will be GDPR compliant.

Integrations & Data Transfer

How much does Priava cost?
Priava is offered on a subscription basis using the Software-as-as-Service licensing and delivery model. The cost of your subscription will depend on what type of venue you are, and how many add-on modules you need. Please contact sales to discuss further.
What is a user license?

Every user needs a license to access Priava. The great news is that there’s no limit on the number of users you can create.

Clients that subscribe to the Advanced Permissions module can apply different roles and permissions to these licenses so as to restrict what information individual users have access to , based on their role within your organisation.

What is an optional add-on module?

Priava has been split into a range of modules so that customers only pay for what they need. Core Software & CRM and Events & Bookings are the foundations for Priava.
In addition to these modules, clients can add-on Catering, Inventory, Master & Sub Events, Packages, Advanced Permissions, Online Calendar & Enquiries, Online Bookings, Sandbox Environment & API.

Can we change our subscription level in line with our business needs?
Yes, you can add modules at any time (these are only charged at the pro-rata rate for the remainder of your subscription period) and at your annual renewal you can remove any modules you no longer need.

Ease of Use

How easy to use is Priava?

Priava has been designed with the end-user in mind. Work across multiple windows & tabs, access real-time availability using the interactive chart, capture and track opportunities, coordinate all of the details for upcoming event bookings, assign user tasks and customise your own reports.

How much training is required?
Priava is a highly intuitive application. It follows a logical process based on best practice standards, so it is easy to understand, with new users finding it easy to pick up. That said, to ensure you get the most out of the system, we offer remote training sessions for all of our new clients. These training sessions are designed for system super users only and are tailored to your business needs including key information about settings, configuration and reporting. Once your super users have completed the initial training, they will be able to share this knowledge with other staff members in your organisation. The reason we limit training to super users is that often staff have questions about business processes, and the super users are best able to answer those questions once trained on Priava.

Cloud Technology

What is the cloud?
Cloud computing is a software delivery model in which resources and data can be accessed on-demand via the internet. The term “cloud” is used to demonstrate the fact that information is readily available anytime, anywhere and users do not need to be in a specific location to gain access to it –it’s almost as if it is floating in the air above you. Be
sure to spot the difference between real and fake cloud by reading our eBook titled “De-mist-yfing the cloud”.
Where is my data?
Priava is hosted on Amazon Web Services to ensure your data is safe and that connection to your database is reliable. This eliminates the risk of any downtime or data loss and ensures business continuity. Currently, Priava has locations in the US, EU, Australia and Canada. Your data will automatically be located in the region closest to you.

Integrations & Data Transfer

Is it possible to export financial information into a separate accounting program?
Yes, you are able to create a financial export which is compatible with most major accounting packages.
Is it possible to integrate Priava with other applications?

Yes, Priava’s REST API has been developed following best practice guidelines to facilitate seamless integration between Priava and other IT applications including, but not limited to, web forms, accounting packages, inventory and marketing systems. Some common integrations that have been implemented by our existing clients include NetSuite, Salesforce, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Xero and SAP.


Does Priava accept online bookings?

Yes, clients who subscribed to Online Bookings can configure external bookings sites so that they can give people other than their Priava users the power to check availability and create bookings including venues, event details, catering, inventory requirements and process payments all on their own.

System Maintenance

How often do update the system and what does it cost us to update?
Priava’s development team administer system updates including enhancements and new functionality throughout the year. The major benefit of the cloud-based system is that these updates are administered remotely and are available for all users to begin immediately so there is no downtime in business hours and no additional costs.

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