• Venue and event management in the cloud

Easy from the Start…

We’ve designed Priava venue management software so that it’s simple and easy to use, enabling you to get ‘up and running’ quickly, ensuring your organisation feels the benefits of this amazing venue and event management solution immediately.

  • Universal search – find any Event, Contact or Account record in seconds
  • Setup your Venues & bookable spaces superfast
  • Work on multiple Events at once


Powerful & Painless Reporting

For too long, reporting has been like rocket science… only a few could understand it.  Priava brings your data to life, making it simple to find and pull a report – even the CEO can do it!

  • Use our pre-built templates or customise your own
  • Search within Reports
  • Preview, print, save or export to PDF, Excel or Word



Chart & Plan the Future

Want to see your future bookings at a glance?  Give your organisation the visibility of what’s on through Priava’s cutting edge chart together with a folder for each Event, providing overview, planning and manage views… because events are always changing.

  • Quick Event Booking from your booking chart
  • See what’s on by Day, Week, Month or Year
  • Eliminate double bookings with conflict checking
  • Colour coded event status – see what’s confirmed or tentative

CRM – 360 Degree View

A good CRM is all about trust and confidence.  Trust & Confidence = quality of data.   In a first class CRM, the users putting the right data in the right place is crucial.  That is why with Priava, we’ve simplified the CRM experience to put your information at your fingertips.

  • Track correspondence against Event, Customer, or Account;
  • Associate multiple contacts to Events
  • See the history of your relationships



Increase Sales and Profitability

Are you navigating old and complex venue software?  Would you like to spend more time focusing on customer and prospect relationships?    Using Priava, you spend less time in your software, and more time asking for that referral, selling another piece of inventory or securing that repeat booking.

  • Simplify lead and enquiry management
  • Increase Event or Booking value
  • Track reasons for win/loss
  • Categorise records for precision marketing

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Priava takes seriously the responsibility it has to your organisation.  We’ve taken away the headaches and given you a full service, state-of-the-art event & venue management software that will ensure you’re always connected to your data, wherever you are.

  • Daily Backups with 30 day retention to 5 minute period
  • SSL Encryption
  • Secure Data Centre
  • PCI DSS Compliant



Developer API

Our typical client is often what we refer to as a “unique venue”, a venue that could be a museum or a university for example.  These types of organisations may well have a “1 system does all” with the exception of a venue and event management component.  That’s where Priava has become a leading solution provider for venue and event management.

But of course, you need your venue management software to integrate seamlessly with the other systems within your organization and that’s where our Developer API comes into play.  Imagine your clients submitting enquiries directly from your website that integrate within your Priava system and being able to respond instantly.  Or an integration to your finance or other  in-house system.  It’s all possible with the Priava API.


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Need more information?