• Venue and event management in the cloud

Moving to the cloud

Imagine having your booking solution for events available to you from anywhere, anytime!  It’s available right now and in the cloud with Priava’s venue management software.

Cloud technology is changing how venue and event owners and managers want to do business

Today organisations don’t have to make any upfront CAPEX investments. You can get the services you need, as you need them, on subscription. This means no extra IT resources, no special training and no long wait to get started. In fact, all you really need is a web browser!


Information where and when you need it

Think how useful it will be to be able to access venue and event information in multiple languages from anywhere, at any time. You will be able to manage and operate venues, track sales and enquiries and formulate optimal room configurations whenever you need to, from anywhere in the world. Priava’s cloud booking system ensures you can reach your data anywhere and at any time.

Seamless integration with other applications within your organization via our Developer API

Priava’s venue management and booking solution also offers an API to allow organisations to integrate Priava with other applications within their organisation.

Imagine your clients submitting enquiries directly from your website that integrate within your Priava system and being able to respond instantly. Or an integration to your finance or other in-house system. It’s all possible with the Priava API.

Simple, secure and affordable

Imagine being able to simplify the management of event and venue bookings, making them more secure, streamlined and profitable. Organisations of all shapes and sizes can now afford cloud software solutions, in some cases, this will enable them to reduce costs by 50% and increase productivity by 60%.


Available now: All this is possible today with Priava’s cloud-based venue and event management solution.

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Need more information?