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Isaac Theatre Royal

Isaac Theatre Royal

Event Delivery & Client Relations Manager, Freya Alexander

Situated in the heart of Christchurch, The Isaac Theatre Royal (ITR) is a Historic Edwardian Heritage Theatre. With 1292 seats, ITR is the chosen home for Royal NZ Ballet, NZ Opera, Showbiz Christchurch, Christchurch Arts Festival, The Imperial Russian Ballet, and numerous international touring productions.

Bolton School

Bolton School

Educational Facilities

The Bolton School uses their beautiful spaces well during the off-time in weekends and school holidays to double-up as a wedding and events venue. A smart way to generate side-stream of income! Learn how they went about the process

Cambridge Live

Cambridge Live

Performing Arts

Priava has been the system of choice for user-friendliness, ease of use and agility to adjust to situations. Watch why Priava works for Cambridge Live

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